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L'aluminium en 6 faits surprenants

6 Surprising facts about aluminum

It’s no coincidence that our Illico System™ is primarily composed of aluminum. Indeed, this beautiful silver metal has only just begun to impress you!

1) Aluminum does not rust.

2) Its recycling potential is strong – indeed, the remelting of aluminum enables its reuse... Almost infinitely!

3) Aluminum is a substance that is isolated from bauxite ore. It is purified through an electrolysis process that was invented in 1886, and is still used today.

4) It’s the most commonly used metal on Earth after iron. Yet, about 35% of global demand is currently fulfilled with recycled aluminum. The environment is important to us, which is why our factory recycles all of its aluminum scraps, even glitter!

5) It’s a metal that’s as strong as steel, but three times lighter. That's why an adult can easily carry and install an Illico System™ column.

6) When it has just been produced, aluminum is malleable. Therefore, one can easily modify its shape and make extrusions with specific outlines. However, once it has undergone anodization, a specific electrochemical treatment, it becomes extremely hard and can withstand corrosion for many years. Anodizing naturally provides a satin finish that is both elegant and durable. All of our Illico System™ columns are made of anodized aluminum, which gives them incomparable style.

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