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Le Système Illico® s'expose au Circuit Index Design

Illico® System on display at Circuit Index Design

During the second edition of the Index-Design Circuit, which took place on September 16th and 17th, RHO was present as a collaborator and participant. As part of this event, RHO presented two conferences that appealed to many professionals from the design community.

The first lecture given by Jean-Pierre Desnoyers, designer and in-house project manager, focused on the introduction to visual presentation design. RHO also had the honor of having Michel Morelli, industrial designer and president of Morelli Designer, as a speaker, who presented a conference on multidisciplinary design. In addition, RHO was involved in the development of a large part of the common space at 125 Chabanel with its recognized modular system, the Illico System, thus affirming its role as an environmental designer. A private area designed entirely in its image was also installed in the space to receive circuit participants inside and to showcase the Illico System and its new applications.

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For more information about the Index-Design circuit, it's here.

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