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Square telescopic column for TV (IL-DIVTC)

by RHO

The ILLICO telescopic square pole system for TVs fits into any home decor. Quick and easy to install, the pole allows you to reach from 78'' (6'6'') to 132'' (11'0''). The ILLICO system allows you to adjust the height of your screen according to your needs, the moment you need it, using the sliders, a jaw system that adapts to the grooves of the pole. All our telescopic systems can be adapted to become swivel. Also, the pole allows the adaptation of all sliders and accessories on 4 sides, offering infinite evolution opportunities to your system.


-1x ISP-78 Square telescopic column 6'6'' - 11'0'' (2000mm - 3000mm)

- 1x IL-TV01TV support kit on IL-011

- 1x AQ-36 Set of 5 wire covers 1'' x 12''