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Entertainment and cloakroom partition 8 shelves (IL-PARAC9826748T)

by RHO
Couleur: Aluminum

Partitioning will allow you to divide a space efficiently. This entertainment unit also offers a cloakroom, ideal for loft living. The canvases are printed on one side, offering a plain white or black background on the other side. The shelves will form the ideal storage for all the rooms in your environment.

Partition 98'' Width X 26'' Depth X 74'' Height for TV and locker room


- Illico U-shape structure

- 1x IL-TV02 Generic TV support kit

- 1 Canvas imp. 1 side 94'' Large X 70'' High

- 2 Web imp. 1 side 22'' Large X 70'' Top

- 1x IL-4448F-V Hanging bar 48'' C/C

- 7x MEL1524 Melamine shelf 15'' x 24'' C/C x 1'' on IL-1112NW

- 1x MEL1548 Melamine shelf 15'' x 48'' C/C x 1'' on IL-016W & IL-1112NW

- 1x AQ-36 Set of 5x wire covers 1'' x 12''