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Square telescopic locker 2 sections 4 shelves (IL-VESTC2S4T)

by RHO

The locker room allows you to store your clothes efficiently in your space. Quick and easy to install, the telescopic column allows you to reach from 78'' (6'6'') to 132'' (11'0''). The Illico telescopic system allows you to quickly relocate your locker room without damaging your walls.

The aluminum shelves allow you to store your belongings while providing adequate support, just like at your favourite store.

The hanging bar on slides can be located on the pole at the desired height, whether it is for a long coat or shirts, your storage will be at your height.


- 3x ISP-78 Square telescopic column 6'6'' - 11'0'' (2000mm - 3000mm)

- 4x IL-AL1528-U6 Aluminum ''U'' shelf 1/8'' x 32'' C/C x 15'' deep on set of 2 ''V'' channel slides IL-060

-2X IL-4036F-V Removable rectangular bar on ''V'' runners cut to 32'' C/C