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Telescopic oval locker 2 sections, 4 shelves (IL-VESTO2S4T)

by RHO
Couleur: Aluminum

The telescopic cloakroom allows you to organize your clothes appropriately, in your space. The cloakroom setup is quick and easy, the telescopic pole can reach 78" (6'6") up to 132" (11'0"). The ILLICO telescopic system allows you to quickly move your cloakroom without damaging the surface of your wall. 

The aluminum shelves give you the possibility to place your personal effects, offering an adequate support, as in your favorite clothing store. 

The hanging bar on the sliders can be placed on the pole, at the desired height; whether for a long coat or a shirt, your storage will meet your needs.


- 3x IVP-78 Telescopic oval pole 6'6'' - 11'0'' (2000mm - 3000mm)

- 4x IL-AL1528-U6 Aluminum ''U'' shelf 1/8'' x 32'' C/C x 15'' deep on set of 2 ''V'' channel sliders IL-060

- 2X IL-4036F-V Removable rectangular bar on ''V'' sliders cut to 32'' C/C