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Single partition extension (IL-PARTCxx78R)

by RHO
Couleur: Aluminum

Illico partitions allow you to quickly create a division in a space. The extension units offer the possibility of forming a corner, creating privacy for the user. Simple in composition, like the partition, the extension unit offers different patterns and colors to match any decor. Quick and easy to install, the column can reach from 78'' (6'6'') to 132'' (11'0''). The canvases are printed on one side, offering a plain white or black background on the other side.

Partition 24'' Wide X 78'' High


- 1X ISP2-78 Telescopic square column with slot 6'6'' - 11'0'' (2000mm - 3000mm)

- 2X STR2-C

-1X FABRIC __ X 68''

**important** Requires existing structure for installation

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