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5-section high wall unit for TV (IL-DIVMC5S15T)

by RHO
Couleur: Aluminum

The 15 shelves television wall unit, blends in perfectly, with any contemporary decor. The illico structure offers you unparalleled strength, while maintaining a light and airy look. Installation is quick and easy on all wall surfaces. In addition, the pole allows all sliders and accessories to be manoeuvred on 4 different sides, offering endless development opportunities.


- 6x 80'' high x 13'' deep ''L'' shape structure, square pole

- 3x IL-AL1828-U6 Aluminum ''U'' shelf 1/8'' x 27'' C/C ( 23'' only) x 18'' deep on set of 2 IL-060 ''V'' groove sliders

- 12x IL-AL1528-U6 Aluminum ''U'' shelf 1/8'' x 32'' C/C ( 28'' only) x 15'' deep on set of 2 IL-060 ''V'' groove sliders

- 1x IL-BRSS-36 Set of 2 brackets 27'' C/C for large format monitor

- 1x AQ-36 Set of 5x 1'' x 12'' wire covers