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5-section high wall unit for TV (IL-DIVMC5S15T)

by RHO

The 15-shelf wall-mounted unit will fit into any contemporary environment while allowing for efficient storage. The sturdiness of the ILLICO structure keeps it light and makes it easy to organize the entertainment center. Installs quickly on any wall surface. Also, the column allows the adaptation of all slides and accessories on 4 siders, offering infinite evolution opportunities to your installation.


- 6x 80'' high x 13'' deep ''L'' shape structure, square pole

- 3x IL-AL1828-U6 Aluminum ''U'' shelf 1/8'' x 27'' C/C ( 23'' only) x 18'' deep on set of 2 IL-060 ''V'' groove sliders

- 12x IL-AL1528-U6 Aluminum ''U'' shelf 1/8'' x 32'' C/C ( 28'' only) x 15'' deep on set of 2 IL-060 ''V'' groove sliders

- 1x IL-BRSS-36 Set of 2 brackets 27'' C/C for large format monitor

- 1x AQ-36 Set of 5x 1'' x 12'' wire covers